Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup

14 Mar

GA MaestroO-M-G friends I am in love! Now I know that this is a very vague way to start a post but this makeup is worth it. Giorgio Armani Maestro fusion foundation is hands down the best thing I’ve tried in a while. I always go on and on about foundations but I’m seriously starting to be a believer is everything Armani. I have tried a lot of brands (ahem- don’t tell my mom) but this product is fantastic. Now I usually like my foundations to give a serious glow and this gives a very skin like finish, but the overall technology needs to be given a standing ovation. This product is unique in so many different ways.

First things first, the texture is a “dry oil” base! I personally have never seen any product like that. It’s super smooth and easy to blend. It also sits on top of the skin for a couple of seconds and then BLAM it disappears and makes your pores look flaw free.  It provides an incredible amount of undetectable coverage. I have pretty good skin (knock on wood) but occasionally I get an allergic reaction to cosmetics and end up with black scars. This with a touch of concealer takes care of that. I always say, use a light foundation and build up the coverage instead of the other way around. The finish looks like fresh clean skin. Not too shiny not too dull.

My second favorite thing is the fact that this product sets on its own. I have been touching my face all day and no transfer babes. I also tend to get a bit oily and this fabulous skin saver has kept things under control. I haven’t had to touch up and I’m way past my usual check in time.

Now I know I always say this, but if you are a tad unconvinced by my fabulous rave, just head down to Sephora or Holt Renfrew and ask for a sample. This product is a fantastic base and you can always add powder for a more matte look or luminizer for an added glow.

In the famous words of the Beastie Boys-Ch-Check it out…

Love to all my readers,


Burberry Sheer Foundation Review

14 Feb

pure lightI am beyond obsessed with having the perfect foundation. My favorite product of all time was discontinued (Pure Light by Dior) and since then, I have been on the hunt for my Holy Grail base. The biggest problem is my search is taking a toll on the health of my skin! My idea of a perfect foundation/tinted moisturizer is a light watery texture with a glowing finish. This post is a review of the Burberry Foundation sheer glow. It is my favorite foundation at this time but it’s not perfect enough to make me settle down and commit.

 In my opinion, the base you have sets the tone for the rest of your makeup application. If you have a sheer/ natural base (freckles showing) then you can get away with a heavier eye look. But if you have a full coverage foundation on, then you would need to keep the eyes more natural to avoid the crazy Nicki Minaj look.  My favorite foundation lately is Sheer Glow from Burberry.

sheer glowDon’t be fooled by the name, there is nothing sheer about this foundation. It gives traceless coverage and leaves you with an iridescent glow. A lot of products claim to leave you glowing, but in reality they just leave you dewy. That’s not the same thing! Burberry gives you a sparkling sheen without the sparkles, and balances out your natural oils. It looks like skin, but smoother and more refined. It does have rose water in it which is great for sensitive/red skin. Rose water is very calming, it also has Vitamin C in it which will help kill bacteria and brighten the skin.

The reason I’m not totally satisfied is because, even though the product looks very sheer and gorgeous on, the texture is a bit more of a crème, and I can feel it on my skin. Also, I would like a product with a bit more of a noticeable glow. To combat that problem I have been mixing my Makeup Forever –Uplight Luminizer Gel with the foundation to give it the extra kick needed. If you want the look of a tinted moisturizer but the coverage of a foundation, then this is a product you should try.

 Burberry makeup can be purchased at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. Test it out and let me know what you think!

Giorgio Armani: Lip Maestro

12 Feb

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a couple of years since I’ve changed up my look. My signature look has always been smudgy black liner and nude lips. I like to throw in some sparkle here and there but the details are always the same. After some serious research I have fallen in love with the classy red lip.

JessicaI tried the red lip out a couple of times, and never found myself completely comfortable. I tried different lipsticks but after 3-4 hours the color makes my lips look dehydrated. My lips end up looking shriveled and flat, complete opposite of what anyone would want. Touch ups were also messy because I just kept layering and layering leaving my lips nice and cracked.

After all the complaining to different friends about how bored I am with my appearance I was recommended a stain. Well let me tell you, I found the perfect product. Giorgio Armani’s lip Maestro. The stain/ lip lacquer leaves your pout shiny and plumped.

lip maestro

I had this product on for 3 hours and even though it was technically licked off, my lips were still perfectly stained. The color is long lasting, the product is moisturizing and with a lip liner, it did not bleed.

You can find this sexy product at Sephora Eaton Centre or at the Giorgio Armani counter at Holt Renfrew. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Have a recommendations? feel free to share 🙂

Biting Beauty

23 Aug

It’s incredible what a lipstick or gloss can do to your over all look. A simple color change can take your look from day to night. Recently I’ve been looking for lipsticks that feel like a lip balm but look like a gloss. Well I think I have officially found the winning brand, Bite Beauty. Bite Beauty is a line of lip products that feature an all-natural ingredients list and uses antioxidant resveratrol (equivalent to 5 glasses of red wine in every lipstick). The base of each product is made with organic Shea butter and all coloring used is food grade (meaning you can have it for dessert with out harming yourself). The products range from long lasting pigmented lipsticks to tinted balms. I have tried the lip balms, lipsticks and the high-pigmented lip pencils. Below are my favorite colors and their texture details.

Sheer Balm from Bite Beauty:

I originally got this to keep on my desk at work. I LOVE salty food and not drinking  enough water was taking a toll on my lips. I felt that after 3-4 hours of working diligently and snacking on seaweed wraps, my lips would feel and look deflated. I got this to use as a remedy to dehydration. I still obviously try to drink as much water as possible, but this guy gives my lips a nice baby pink tint and hydrates my them instantly. I also prefer this for the “work desk” because it’s so sheer that you can get away with coloring outside the lines. Let’s face it; no one likes pulling out their compact mirror just to put lip balm on. Added bonus, it has an SPF 15. My favorite color is called Crème (a nude pink).

Luminous Crème Lipstick from Bite Beauty:

Ah yes, this is my everyday lipstick. It tastes delicious, and it’s so rich in moisture that it actually gives my lips a plumped look. Yes … Admit it, no one loves Angelina Jolie for her acting skills. My favorite color from the range is called Vouvray; it’s a perfect pink for skin with warm/olive undertones. If Arab Barbie had her say, I bet she would scream for this shade. The color is rich enough to show but nude enough to be daytime friendly. It’s also a perfect shade if you are looking for a lip color to recreate Kim Kardashian’s signature look (look not made famous due to sex tape).  Make sure to give this color a glance because I have seen it look incredible on everyone.

High Pigment Matte Pencil from Bite Beauty:

The high pigment matte pencil ranges from nudes to deep plums. As much as I love the nude lip look, I really love this product for the bright colors. First thing I adore, is the fact that it’s a lip pencil and lipstick in one. Most of the time, you have to get a lip pencil to make sure that you are bolding the color and staying with in the lines. This is your good ol’ 2 in 1. My favorite color is called Zinfandel. It is a bright coral, perfect for the late summer early fall season. The beauty of coral shades is that they seem to brighten up the over all complexion. Even though the finish is Matte, the color never cracks and the product never dries the lips. This product a perfect “drinks after work” fix up.

❤ Always here to listen- let me know your thoughts.

Tunes for the Thursday

23 Aug

Usually all my recommendations revolve around old school rap or RnB. But today I plan to shock you all just like Janet Jackson did at the Half time show on Super Bowl Sunday 2004. Seriously though, I bet America was not expecting to be talking about nipple stickers for the rest of that year. The event holds it’s own Wikipedia page- this apparently is as big as World War I. Putting my rant aside, I highly recommend these none rap, hip-hop or RnB tracks to get you through your Thursday.

James Blake-The Wilhelm Scream:

Feist- The Limit to your Love:

Bon Iver- I Can’t Make You Love Me/ Nick of Time:

Damien Rice- Lonelily:

❤ Enjoy the soft smooth sounds!

Don’t Just Conceal it, Correct it! Combating Dark Circles

22 Aug

Dark circles are the female version of a man’s 5-o’clock shadow. My struggle with finding the right concealer started at the age of 14. Back then; I was very inexperienced in the ways of makeup. It is with age that I realize that concealer is not the answer. In fact, the problem can only be solved with a great corrector. A corrector will help brighten the under eye area and create a clean blank canvas for you to start your day. One must also make sure that the corrector they are using is very light in texture to avoid cakey-ness and cracking. After shopping and researching, I have officially found a couple of products that I feel confident  recommending to all my readers who are struggling with the same issue as me.

1. Touché éclat by YSL:

If you have some serious, serious, (one more time for the people in the cheap seats), serious dark circles, this will be the perfect corrector. It is long lasting, smooth and does not crease in fine lines. I use it underneath my concealer to help brighten the under eye area. Touché éclat comes in numerous shades, DO NOT go for a perfect color match to your over all skin tone. Instead select a color with an orange undertone.  (I wear shade #3). The orange will cancel out the “grey” and instantly make the eye area seem lifted.



2. Correctors– Bobbi Brown:

This corrector is to die for. There is a bit of coverage with this product so if you don’t need heavy-duty stuff, this can double up as your concealer as well. With over 10 different shades you are guaranteed to find your perfect color match. This product is creamy yet light in texture and will not settle in to fine lines. I do recommend setting it with some powder to pro long it’s wear power.  I like to use the Makeup Forever HD setting powder because it’s translucent and will not change the color or the coverage of the product.


3. Erase Paste– Benefit Cosmetics:

Even though I am heart broken over Benefit’s recent decision to discontinue my Holy Grail powder (Get Even), I couldn’t rob them of this rave. This product is creamier than touché éclat and has a bit of a sticky texture. Because of the texture change, I do highly recommend it to be set with a translucent powder. The product comes in 3 shades, which are all very orange/melon based. Again, orange is very important to cancel out the grey and brighten. Since Erase Paste is heavier in texture, I don’t find the need to use concealer on top. I just apply, dust some powder and off I go.

let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions!!

Aveda Institute Canada giving away five full scholarships

22 Feb

Were you Born to Style? And by that I mean did you take a pair of scissors to your Barbie’s hair? Or even better, did you feel theAveda Institute Canadanecessity to make ‘adjustments’ to your own ‘do five minutes before guests starting arriving to your seventh birthday party? If fashion, beauty and the art of styling have been prominent players in your life thus far, perhaps it’s time to consider turning your passion into a lucrative career.

An innate love for styling and trendsetting are prerequisites for successful stylists, and a tireless work ethic and positive communication skills go along way in terms of ensuring your guests walk away happy with their new look. These qualities, combined with a superior education from a respected school, can propel a stylist towards the lifestyle of their dreams. Read here about Taylor Smits, a hair stylist and graduate of Aveda Institute Canada’s Vancouver hair school. Since graduating, Smits has been named one of the five best stylists in Vancouver, flown to New York and Milan to style models for Fashion Week, and still finds time to teach new Aveda students twice weekly. He also brings in a six-figure income!

Aveda Institute Canada is giving away five full scholarships to five Institutes: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Winnipeg!

Prospective stylists, do not miss this opportunity to have your entire tuition paid for! You could win your education (that’s enrollment in Aveda’s 1-year hair program, to be exact) and start out your exciting career being ahead financially. You’ll have to work for it first, however, and here’s how:


Whether or not you win depends on you. Submit a 2-minute video explaining why you were born to style. Highlight your personality, styling prowess and passion. Show your incredible work ethic and your inventive ideas.


Visit Aveda Institute’s hair school scholarship video contest for contest details and entry form. Upload your video entry, but don’t stop there! Share your video with friends and family online and spread the good news around. Hint: the more people talking about and sharing your video, the better it looks on you.


Five potential stylists from each city will be hand picked by a panel of hair and beauty professionals to advance to the final round. This is where it gets really exciting–these five ingenues will compete in an live head-to-head runway show where they will create complete head-to-toe looks in front of each professional panel. The winner in each city receives a complete scholarship to Aveda Institute Canada!


Boldness and clarity of artistic vision

Originality and creativity

Demonstrates candidate is fashion forward and understands the Aveda mission

Overall Impression

The contest expires on March 1, 2012. Good luck to all!

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